2019 January to March: So far so good.

Years ending in 9 have usually been bad news for me. 1969: failed my ‘A’ levels. 1979: unemployment anticlimax after crossing Africa in 1978. 1989: more unemployment and failure after success with the BBC and an atlas in preceeding years. 1999: death of my landlady and the beginning of a decline. 2009: luggage stolen and unwelcome changes at work.

So. Where’s the bad luck this time?

It’s possible some real disaster won’t happen until November. That was the month my landlady died.

Computer affairs have been a real pain with changing over to the new system. Hardly enough though to warrant this being a bad year. Apart from which enough has been going well to really outweigh that:-

  • The year got off to a great start with a PPI payout.

  • In January I had a pub session with Tom, my Uni creative writing contact, with the aim of consolidating my mini-lecture success with him last Autumn through more team efforts. Instead of that though he wanted me to give a solo main lecture on my planets. Bit like landing on the Moon and being told not to bother with that anymore but go on to Mars! What struck me was how serious he was about it. Nothing’s happened about that since because of pressure of work but we’re meeting up more and it now looks as though another Philippine team effort is possible too. Hence the photos underneath not only of one of my planets but a Philippine one too. The University situation is developing very nicely!

  • Picture 405 copy2

Overloaded vehicle 053

  • And I’ve just had an email regarding further Uni type meetings for ideas for my writing. Yay!

  • At a property meeting it became clear there are dividends due.The situation at work has been resolved; or rather the person causing it has been left to fade away and become history. And I’m still working at the same place! Time to move on from a time best forgotten by donating a planet and the Moon for a day. They were much appreciated.So. So far so good. I may as well end this with more photos of my model planets and the Philippines. Starting with the planet I took to work.

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    ExoEarth 1 copy2_0033 copy

    Angeles Jeepney

    ExoEarth 2 002

    Bacuit Bay Philippines 123