2018 conclusion

Been a funny old year. My fortunes have continued to change with the weather.

First the problems of last winter changing into a glorious summer with the surprise royalty windfall. Now I’ve got problems again.

When we were losing the sunshine and the heat during October my printer went on the blink. And I had to buy a new one which was incompatible with my old – though reliable! – operating system. Not being proficient in computers I relied on a friend who is and who’d moved to Faringdon. Who hasn’t been able to get down here for a proper session. It’s an ongoing situation.

Much worse than that is a crisis at work. A uniquely obnoxious personage there has been a thorn in my side for most of this year. A minor surprise problem this Autumn easily resolvable amongst co-operative adults led to a major row and a blatant declaration that he’d wanted to get rid of me all along. Work has suffered through this and I might have to leave people I get on well with. This is down to logistics though and my employers assure me they still want me so a job I love – that has been turned into a garbage dump – is basically still there. It’s also repairable because I’ve managed to ensure I never work with the problem person again, who is losing a small fortune due to lost work until a new arrangement is resolved.

So I regard myself as being lucky. Many work harder than I do for longer hours and are stuck with zealous office politicians they can’t stand, but somehow have to endure. So rather than the seasons greetings of ‘peace and goodwill to all men’ – which I can’t be sincere about right now because of my experience – I think glasses ought to be raised this Christmas to those unsung heroes and heroines of the workplace who are suffering the sort of thing I’ve just described but carry on regardless anyway.

So if any of them are reading this I’d like to draw their attention to their strengths which are so easily overlooked when burdened with this situation. What fortified me though a vile meeting with the vile personage was a first I achieved the previous week: a lecture I made at Portsmouth University about one of my adventures! Well alright it was a mini-lecture which was part of a book launch and the lecture theatre was small, but it was well attended and the creative writing lecturer who was also the journalist running it thanked me for being such a valuable member of the team. The irony here was him helping me more than he knew. The alcohol was flowing anyway and there’s a first rate chance of building on this. Definitely one of the better nights of my life!

And I almost forgot: I’ve also recently displayed stuff at the Dinosaur Isle Museum on the Isle of Wight where my 29” Lower Cretaceous Earth globe was admired.

And I haven’t lost my ‘fighting spirit’ either, being one of the 700,000 marching in London in October for a Peoples Vote. By the way the weather matched fortunes again. It was a brilliantly blue sunny day without being too warm. Couldn’t have been better for a major march.

So to all those afflicted by what I’ve described who need support I hope my ‘Christmas message’ will help. It’s easy to lose sight of your spirit, talents or how fantastic or beautiful this world can be because of arseholes and poisonmongers, but try not to by any means: friends, counselling, what inspires one, to name some ways of doing this. Hopefully the following photos of my adventures and creative work will help:-

Philippine panorama _edited-3

Philippine scenery included in my lecture.

LC landmasses_edited-3

Lower Cretaceous Earth.


Sunset through a storm. Grand Canyon. The dots on top of the cliff at left are people going “Ooh!”

Lost valley Son Doong expedition Vietnam 251_edited-3

A true ‘lost valley’ fit for Dinosaurs! I regard it as a lost valley because it can only be accessed by caves; including the biggest one on this planet. Son Doong Cave.

Stegosaurus and stars_edited-5

Stegosaurus and stars. One of my montages exploring my favourite subjects. In the starlit sky is an ExoEarth planet I modelled for a worldbuilding group: Epona.

Congo River sunset 3_edited-1

Sunset of blood and fire on the Congo.


To the future with Terraformed Mars. Merry Christmas and a better New Year. D Angus 12 18

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1 Response to 2018 conclusion

  1. John Bray says:

    Good to hear about the mini-lecture and IoW stuff, and hope you can keep out of trouble in the New Year! Merry Christmas.

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